In the Dance of Light and Shadow

In the dance of light and shadow, I find my beat,

Clarity and contradiction, in me, they meet.

A tapestry woven with threads both bright and obscure,

I am a riddle, a melody, both confident and unsure.



Self-indulgent, yet in giving, I find my grace,

Selfish at times, yet selfless in love’s embrace.

A heart that beats with compassion, yet turns away,

Indifferent in moments, yet caring in its own way.



With a smile, I walk, cheerful, under the sun’s content,

Yet clouds of discontent whisper, and I relent.

Excitement bubbles within, a spring of youthful glee,

Yet shadows of uncertainty, they cling to me.



Logical, a mind that seeks reason in the storm,

Yet emotional waves crash, breaking the norm.

I am a paradox, simple in my complex guise,

In simplicity, a web of complexity lies.


 Easy-going, like a river flowing to the sea,

Yet within, a self-critic, questioning me.

A friend to myself, in laughter and light,

Yet an enemy in the mirror, in the heart of the night.



In the quiet, there whispers a part unknown,

A mystery, an essence, uniquely my own.

Words falter, they tremble at this inner sight,

A part of me, veiled in the depths of night.


So here I stand, in clarity and contradiction,

A living, breathing, walking depiction,

Of all that is human, flawed, and real,

In this dance of light and shadow, I feel. 


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