Identity Shift

Unleash the Future Self

A 6-week training program for highschool, college, and university students in discovering their career aspirations, developing a growth mindset, and establish habits that align with their goals. A bridge between their current academic pursuits and future professional achievements.

program structure

Interactive and Engaging Workshop

Each session will focus on the specific topics relevant to the week’s theme with activities and discussion to foster understanding and personal growth. 

Career Aspirations

Understand the core concept of identity shift and help students discover and articulate their career interests, strengths and aspirations.

The Bridge

Research and understand the skills and knowledge required for the desired career path. Draw the connection between current academic progress and future pursuits. 

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Identify and challenge their deep-rooted limiting beliefs, paving the way for personal and professional growth.  Learn strategies to reframe negative thought patterns, boost self-confidence, and unlock their full potential.

Growing Strong

Nurture a growth-oriented and resilient mindset. Explore the profound impact of language and affirmations in shaping our thoughts and actions. Discover how to use the power of words to positively influence your daily life, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Emotional Elevation

Focus on harnessing and aligning emotions to effectively learn new skills and overcome life’s challenges. Discover how to elevate their emotional state, turning it into a powerful ally in the learning process and when facing obstacles.

Habits Alignment

Delve into the art of habit formation and modification, emphasizing how small, consistent actions can lead to significant achievements. Identify and cultivate habits that directly contribute to their desired outcomes. 

A Partnership For Success

We are excited to explore partnership opportunities with your
institution. Together, we can create a tailored experience that
aligns with your educational goals and enhance your students’
journey towards success

Let’s Make A Difference Together

Reach out today to discuss how we can collaborate to foster a brighter future for your students. We are
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